Four- / Five-year Postdoctoral Research Grants

The Bassi Foundation invites applications for five-year postdoctoral research grants ($50,000 per annum) once per year. Prospective applicants are required to submit an expression of interest by email ( no later than May 10 in the year they are applying. Applications are due on July 10, and results are announced by October 10. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to interview online or in person in August.


You are eligible to apply for the four- or five-year PRGs if:

• you have completed your PhD (or an equivalent research degree) at the point at which you apply

• you do not have more than two years of post-doctoral research experience

How to Apply

Prospective candidates are required to submit an expression of interest no later than May 10 in the year they are applying by email ( Expressions of interest must include:

• an outline of their research programme across the five years of the award (no longer than three pages)

• a complete academic CV (no longer than five pages)

• a complete list of research publications

Associate Fellowships

The Bassi Foundation is developing an Associate Fellowship programme aimed at researchers at any stage of their academic careers who are dedicated to advancing the frontiers of knowledge. The Foundation offers a supportive global network of researchers working on neglected topics, underpinned by access to internal funding opportunities. These targeted funding initiatives are intended to facilitate targeted research endeavours, the publication of scholarly work, and the provision of editorial support where necessary.

For more information, including application material and requirements, please contact us at