About the Bassi Foundation

The Bassi Foundation is a philanthropy committed to advancing knowledge and solving critical global problems by supporting overlooked or innovative areas of research across various disciplines. Our mission is to accelerate discoveries and insights into diverse subjects by engaging with pioneering ideas, individuals, and methodologies. We support a wide range of initiatives across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and advocating for impactful societal change through multidisciplinary research projects.

Our Mission

Since its inception in 2018, The Bassi Foundation has been committed to fostering research on neglected topics within academia. We provide support and resources for scholars exploring areas that have traditionally received insufficient attention, aiming to deepen academic engagement with these subjects.

Our Impact

To date, the Bassi Foundation has proudly supported over two dozen postdoctoral projects, spanning 180 research articles and monograph manuscripts, contributing to a richer, more diverse academic landscape. Our grantees hail from over 35 countries, embodying our commitment to fostering global intellectual diversity and innovation. Their work, often at the intersection of disciplines, not only pushes the envelope of their respective fields but also encourages a broader dialogue on neglected or emerging topics of significance.

Our Vision

We envision a world where research at the margins receives the spotlight it deserves, catalyzing advancements and understanding that benefit humanity as a whole. The Bassi Foundation aims to be at the forefront of this transformation, championing the unconventional, the overlooked, and the bold. Through our support, we hope to inspire a new generation of researchers to pursue their intellectual passions without constraint, contributing to a future where all knowledge is valued and explored.

Focus Areas

Philosophy & Medicine

The Philosophy and Medicine Initiative at the Bassi Foundation seeks to bridge the gaps between ethical theory, philosophical inquiry, and practical medical applications. By fostering interdisciplinary research and dialogue, this initiative aims to address complex questions at the intersection of human health, ethics, and philosophy. We support projects that explore foundational philosophical questions about well-being, consent, and the nature of medical knowledge, as well as their practical implications for patient care, public health policy, and medical education.

Law & Public Policy

The Law and Public Policy Program is dedicated to advancing research and informed dialogue at the confluence of legal studies and public policy decision-making. By supporting rigorous scholarship and the development of innovative policy solutions, the program aims to tackle pressing societal challenges such as civil rights, environmental law, and regulatory reform. Our initiative encourages the exploration of how laws are crafted and implemented, promoting a deeper understanding of their impact on society and fostering the creation of more effective and equitable policies.


The Biosciences Area at the Bassi Foundation is committed to leveraging the transformative power of biological research to address critical issues in health and the environment. Our initiative supports cutting-edge research in genetics, bioengineering, and biotechnology, with the aim of driving innovations from the lab to the marketplace and beyond. By fostering collaborative networks and providing resources for experimentation and implementation, we strive to accelerate the development of new biological tools and therapies that can profoundly impact both individual lives and global communities.